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Environmental Protection Plans / Impact Assessments / Pre-Site Assessments

Assisting surveyors and construction supervisors in proper flowline route, creek crossings, well site and access selection on government and private lands in forested, prairie grasslands and cultivation.

Gathering background information (archaeological and rare or endangered species checks).

Completing field assessment (assessing soil depths and textures, vegetation assessment, wildlife assessment, topograghy and hydrology).


Preparation and submission of reports to client and regulatory bodies. Monitoring compliance in environmental sensitive areas during construction, rig moves, drilling and decommissioning.


Preparation and submission of “as built” reports to client and regulatory bodies.


Environmental Audits and Assessments

Phase I

Identification of potential environmental liabilities(oil spills, saltwater spills, flarepits, etc.)through the review of past and current on-site and off-site activities.


Phase II

Confirmation of environmental liabilities identified in the Phase I through soil and groundwater sampling and analysis in order to understand the liabilities and financial impacts.


Phase III

Preparation and submission of reports to client and regulatory bodies and implementation of remedial plan.


Supervision of remedial procedures with accurate daily cost tracking.


ElectroMagnetic Survey Equipment

An EM Survey can help identify possible environmental liabilities, as well as assist in the determination of the extent of contamination.


Pre/Post Water Well Testing

Obtain well yield and draw-down/recharge parameters. On-site sampling and water quality analysis. Preparation and submission of report to client.


Reclamation Services

Evergreen can provide salt and oil spill remediation programs as well as supervising the field activities.


Reclamation services also include;


- removal of contaminated soil

- design and installation of tile drainage systems

- site reclamation programs and confirmatory sampling

- underground tank management

- and reporting to all regulatory bodies.


Evergreen personnel have a balanced combination of practical hands on field experience and a strong technical background.


Reclamation Approach

Evergreen provides our clients with practical and cost effective solutions to a wide variety of environmental challenges. Our goal is to provide timely remediation programs making effective use of local resources, and reducing overall project costs.


Evergreen can provide flare pit remediation programs as well as on-site hydrocarbon testing during the excavation.

LWD - Drilling Waste Disposal

-Liaison between client and landowner.

-Submission of disposal application.

-Sample and analyze waste.

-Supervise disposal operations.

-Final report preparation and submission to government.


Drilling Fuid Disposal

Experienced in all phases of drilling waste sampling, treatment and disposal since 1978.


Contaminant Mapping

Evergreen’s combined EM/GPS survey system collects data which is used to help identify possible soil contamination prior to soil sampling.


Optimizing the efficiency of the reclamation equipment in order to obtain a cost effective and timely clean-up.


Environmental Monitoring Services

Evergreen can offer clients a variety of environmental site supervision services.


Environmental monitors provide regulatory compliance as well as cost control capabilities.



Environmental Testing

Evergreen performs a wide range of on-site sampling and testing procedures.


Analytical results obtained in minutes can be quickly communicated to the client and/or used as confirmatory results during a clean-up operation.


Evergreen’s field technicians are equipped with digital cameras and lap top computers allowing for immediate reporting and data transmission.


Field Testing

Soil and Fluid Sampling

Landspraying While Drilling (LWD)Testing

Electromagnetic (EM) Surveys

Gas-Tech hydrocarbon vapour testing

Water Well Testing Equipment

Hydrocarbon contaminated soils testing


Evergreen provides clients with a professional and practical approach to field investigations which are followed by cost effective reclamation and remediation services.


Our field offices in Alida, Shaunavon, and Milo help us to provide comprehensive environmental services throughout the prairie provinces.


Evergreen has combined recent graduates with seasoned veterans to create a team of environmental professionals with clean-up experience dating back to 1978.


Our approach to providing environmental field services to the oil and gas industry is based on understanding the ever changing guidelines and requirements of the energy sector.


SIR Gas Migration/LEL Monitoring

Well head Gas Migration Monitoring is conducted in accordance with Saskatchewan Industry and Resources Guidelines. Results are sent to our clients and filed with SIR on request.


Whether it is a former wellsite or battery site, Evergreen provides the necessary supervision and job coordination to get the job done right the first time. The site is assessed, all necessary corrective actions are taken, confirmatory sampling is completed and a report confirming compliance with relevant regulatory criteria is prepared and distributed to our client and to the appropriate government agencies.


Surface Release

After successful site restoration is achieved, compliance with relevant criteria is met, and landowner satisfaction is confirmed, many of our clients wish to attempt to obtain complete release from their leasehold obligations. Evergreen acts as a liaison between the landowner and the oil company handling any negotiations and transactions necessary to ensure proper documentation and that documentation is received by all parties involved including the necessary government boards and regulatory bodies.





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